Criminal Record Expungement

A new Indiana law provides the opportunity for a clean slate and freedom from discrimination in hiring for individuals who may have committed minor crimes in the past. Individuals convicted of certain misdemeanors and minor Class D felonies can petition the court to have their records expunged thanks the new “Second Chance” Law that took effect July 1.

Criminal record expungement removes a person’s convictions from public record, opening the door for employment and educational opportunities that are often inaccessible to those with criminal records. The expungement law restores a person’s civil rights and protects him or her from any employment discrimination based on expunged convictions.

As this law is targeted toward minor offenders with otherwise clean records, expungement does not extend to those convicted of violent crimes, sex crimes, or felonies that resulted in bodily injury. To qualify for expungement, a person must meet specific criteria. For example, there can be no charges pending against the person including an existing or pending driver’s license suspension. Furthermore, a person must not have been convicted of another crime within the past five to eight years depending on the type of crime.

If you or someone you know has an old minor criminal record hindering his or her ability to find employment or volunteer in the community, please contact us to begin drafting your petition for criminal record expungement.