NFA gun trust attorney indiana

Attorney Adam Turner

In addition to personal injury and business law, Turner Valentine, LLC also works in all areas of Firearms Law. Including:

  1. Gun Trusts
  2. Restoration of Rights
  3. Carry Permit Appeals
  4. Firearm Estate Planning & Probate
  5. FFL Business Law
  6. 2nd Amendment Rights Advocacy

If you have any questions regarding firearms law, please contact us to set-up an initial consultation.

NFA Trusts:

One specific area we receive a lot of inquiries is in regards to NFA Gun Trusts. A NFA Gun Trust is a type of revocable trust that deals with the unique issues of NFA gun ownership, use and transfer.

A NFA Gun Trust can be beneficial to you and your family in numerous ways by enabling trustees to:

  • Share NFA weapons and parts with co-trustees
  • Maintain ownership and possession of firearms after owner’s death
  • Eliminate risk of loved ones committing “accidental felony” through access to the firearm when the owner is not home
  • Remove firearms from probate proceedings

NFA Gun Trusts can protect more than just NFA firearms, including sound suppressors, receivers and parts. For a full list of firearms and parts that would be safeguarded in a NFA Gun Trust, please visit the ATF website. To learn more about NFA Gun Trusts, please visit our Law Blog.

Turner Valentine, LLC drafts personalized NFA Gun Trusts, tailored to fit each client’s needs. Please contact us to set-up an initial consultation.