With an Attorney

Our mediation service provides a court alternative to solving family law disputes. Whether parties are faced with a divorce, a modification of a divorce decree, a paternity case, or grandparent visitation, our family mediation provides a cost-effective way to complete the process. Mediator Jennifer L. Naue may be appointed to mediate a case by the Court, or can be selected by the attorneys representing the parties.

At mediation, an impartial divorce mediator guides a settlement discussion between the parties and assists with preparing a written settlement agreement. The family mediator does not decide the outcome of the case and does not represent either party. Instead, the mediator helps the parties keep their own decision-making power by providing an organized and peaceful way to complete the divorce process. Mediations can be done in a single day at a cost that is far below the cost for both parties to take their dispute through a contentious hearing where the ultimate decision is taken from the hands of the parties to the hands of a judge who is removed from the situation.

Because the mediator is a neutral party, she cannot give legal advice to the parties, but can work with individuals represented by attorneys or individuals going through this difficult transition without legal representations. Parties are encouraged to consult an attorney if legal advice is needed prior to or during the mediation process. Mediation in Indiana is a quicker, less expensive, and often more peaceful solution than going to court to complete a divorce.

-Without Attorneys

Mediator Jennifer L. Naue provides parties with a less expensive method of obtaining a divorce, should they desire to proceed without attorneys representing them. The mediator is a neutral party who does not and cannot represent either party and cannot give legal advice to the parties. However, couples who are committed to finding a lower cost and more peaceful solution can still have a full resolution of their divorce matter, all without going to the Court, and at less expense than either party would pay for their own individual attorney. Sometimes mediation participants will take a draft of their agreement to an attorney to receive advice. This is still far less expensive than hiring an attorney to handle the case completely. Should any child-related issues change following the completion of the divorce and filing of the mediation agreement, the family mediator remains available for follow-up mediations to assist the parties in a solution that is best for their children.

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